Photo: Peter Struik (CEO of Fujifilm, left) and Marc van der Linden (member of the Board Management of Eneco Group, right)

Fujifilm's production process fully powered by wind energy

Fujifilm, manufacturer of photographic paper and offset printing plates, and Eneco, supplier of wind energy, have announced today that as of 1 January, Fujifilm’s production process is fully powered by wind energy. Fujifilm needs approximately 100 GigaWatt hours of electricity annually for its operations, which is comparable to the average power consumption of around 30,000 households. This green energy is produced by wind turbines in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Picture - We’re members of DE Unie, a special alliance

We’re members of DE Unie

A special alliance  

We’re the first energy company in the Netherlands to join DE Unie. DE Unie has more than 20 local sustainable energy cooperatives as members. We believe that we can make the transfer to sustainable energy quicker through their membership.

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Photo: train in front of Eneco headquarters

In 2050, there will no longer be an ‘Energy Industry’

Of all the major energy companies, Eneco has ‘the greenest investment policy’, says Ron Wit, Director of Public Affairs. During the Green Top Train tour, the company hosted the ‘Energy Carriage’. ‘For us, the energy transition cannot go fast enough.’

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Eneco Group on track towards the new energy company

Eneco Group presented its results for the year 2015. The company made a net profit of € 208 million and recorded a revenue of € 4,282 million. Eneco is reaping the benefits of several cost-saving programs started in recent years, while customers benefited from falling prices and a cut in tariffs for transmission of their energy. Eneco is also seeing a decline in energy consumption by customers as a result of savings. At the same time, the company maintained sustainable investments in 2015 at a high level of € 715 million. Today’s presentation also included an explanation of the progress Eneco is making towards becoming an energy service company.

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Everyone as an energy supplier in 2030

Statement Eneco Group on outcome 'Power act' in Senate

On 22 December 2015, the Dutch Senate voted against the Power Act, the Dutch Electricity and Gas law (Wet STROOM) as there is no commitment to unbundling of the Dutch energy companies Eneco and Delta. The eight-party majority only wants unbundling if other countries in Europe do the same and a motion to that effect was adopted. The Senate was also of the opinion that the energy grids are protected sufficiently by existing legislation and that unbundling is not in the best interest of sustainability or employment.

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