Statement Eneco Group on outcome 'Power act' in Senate

On 22 December 2015, the Dutch Senate voted against the Power Act, the Dutch Electricity and Gas law (Wet STROOM) as there is no commitment to unbundling of the Dutch energy companies Eneco and Delta. The eight-party majority only wants unbundling if other countries in Europe do the same and a motion to that effect was adopted. The Senate was also of the opinion that the energy grids are protected sufficiently by existing legislation and that unbundling is not in the best interest of sustainability or employment.

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Communication Enforcement Decree of Dutch competition authority ACM

Eneco Group has taken note of ACM’s intention to publish the enforcement decision that states that Eneco Group must be unbundled by ultimately 31 January 2017. Eneco Group considers that decision premature because the Senate has yet to debate the Wet Stroom (Power Act), which also covers mandatory unbundling. That debate has been scheduled for 21 December. It will have a major impact on the status of the mandatory unbundling and may result in amendment, postponement or cancellation.

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2014 results satisfactory despite challenging circumstances

Eneco fine-tunes sustainable strategy and specifies three growth areas 

Eneco Group (Eneco, Stedin, Joulz, Ecofys) today presented its results for the year 2014. The warm weather and lower energy and transmission prices resulted in lower revenues and a lower net profit. However, the company continued to make substantial investments in enhancing the sustainability of the energy supply and the production of sustainable energy increased. Today’s presentation also included an explanation of Eneco Group’s strategy for the period 2015-2020.

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