About Eneco

Mission: Sustainable energy for all

The thought of having renewable energy available to us all in the future is fantastic. Energy that you can generate, use, sell or share with others, within your own environment. We only have one planet Earth and we should not burden it more than strictly necessary. Besides, home-grown renewable energy makes you independent and can save you a lot of money over time. Hence Eneco is looking for energy solutions with you in which you remain in control of your energy supply and costs.

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Eneco once again named most sustainable of the five major energy companies

Four Dutch civil society organisations – the Dutch Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond), Greenpeace, the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment (Natuur & Milieu) and WISE – have conducted an assessment of the authenticity of the green energy offered by 34 energy suppliers in the Netherlands. They looked at investments in the generation, production, supply and purchasing of green energy. These aspects were then combined to form an overall score. Eneco comes in eighth place in the ranking with a 7.0 out of 10. We were the only one of the five largest international energy companies to achieve a passing score. This means we have the distinction of being the most sustainable of all the major energy companies for the fifth consecutive year.


Clear on sustainable

What do we mean by 'sustainable'?

In recent years, concepts such as sustainability and sustainable development have become catch-all terms. The many different quality marks and claims put on products by vendors do not always represent the meaning users attach to it themselves. We’re aware of this and therefore make it clear how we interpret the term 'sustainable' and what we mean by a sustainable energy supply.

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Eneco Group

We’re an integrated energy group of several complementary business units. We offer energy security for our two million-plus customers and provide total solutions to become fully sustainable.

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Eneco Group is led by the management board who are accountable to the supervisory board.

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53 Dutch municipalities have a share in our company. This puts us right in the heart of society, enabling us to make decisions with you.

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