We are the first energy company in the Netherlands to join DE Unie. DE Unie has a membership of more than 20 local sustainable cooperatives. We believe we can transition much faster to sustainable energy if we work in collaboration with these cooperatives.

This is why we are affiliated with DE Unie. Any questions? Find out more on this page. 

Successful initiative: Amsterdam Energie

Rolf Steenwinkel, Amsterdam Energie

Amsterdam Energie began in 2012 with a dream – for city residents to generate all their energy themselves from renewable sources within 25 years. Until then, we will have to purchase sustainable energy ourselves. DE Unie is helping Amsterdam Energie do just that. ‘We are too small to be an independent energy supplier. Our membership of DE Unie gives us a platform to initiate other activities’, says Rolf Steenwinkel, co-founder of Amsterdam Energie. 

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Eneco member of DE Unie

Jeroen de Haas

CEO Jeroen de Haas: ‘The Netherlands has more than three hundred local and regional energy initiatives. Some of these frontrunners are themselves in charge of the energy supply. We embrace this movement, which is already making a major contribution to the growth of locally generated renewable energy like solar and wind.’

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Setting up a cooperative

Many stakeholders have decided to generate energy themselves and have joined forces in a cooperative. They see the advantages of being independent, sharing investments and ultimately the savings on energy bills. But how do you set up a cooperative? It is easier than you think.