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Eneco Group, or Eneco Holding N.V. as it is officially known, is made up of the three complementary core companies Eneco (the Energy company), Joulz (the infrastructure expert) and Stedin (the network manager). Together, these three companies are involved in every link of the energy chain, and they make sustainable energy possible for everyone.

Board of Management

The Board of Management has the day-to-day leadership of the holding company, and carries final responsibility for the performance of the holding company and the firms within it. The Board of Management:

  • Develops our strategy and long-term planning
  • Monitors our risk profile
  • Provides leadership to our divisional and staff directors
  • Draws up our financial statements
  • Evaluates the key performance indicators and business plans of the divisions and other business units.

The Board of Management is appointed by the Supervisory Board, and is accountable to the Supervisory Board and the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Eneco’s Board of Management is made up of four members.

Eneco afbeelding - Mr. J.F. (Jeroen) De Haas

Mr. J.F. (Jeroen) de Haas (1959)  Résumé details

Eneco afbeelding - Ir. C.J. (Kees Jan) Rameau

Ir. C.J. (Kees-Jan) Rameau (1962) Résumé details

Eneco afbeelding - Drs. G.A.J. (Guido) Dubbeld

Drs. G.A.J. (Guido) Dubbeld (1971)  Résumé details

Eneco afbeelding - Drs. M.W.M.  (Marc) van der Linden

Drs. M.W.M. (Marc) van der Linden (1972)  Résumé details

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Eneco Holding N.V. advises the Board of Management, and monitors its policy and the general course of affairs in the holding company and its associated firms.

The Supervisory Board of the Eneco Group has established four committees:

  • A remuneration committee
  • A selection and appointment committee
  • An audit committee
  • A strategic committee

The remuneration committee, made up of Mirjam Sijmons (chairman), Edo van den Assem and Marike van Lier Lels, advises on the remuneration of the members of the Board of Management.

The selection and appointment committee, with Mirjam Sijmons (chairman), Edo van den Assem and Rob Zandbergen as its members, attends to the selection and appointment of members of the Board of Management.

The audit committee monitors important financial affairs. This committee, with its members Henk Dijkgraaf (chairman) and Marco Keim, meets quarterly for this purpose, and consults with the external auditor at least twice per year. The Supervisory Board presents the financial statements to the General Shareholders’ Meeting for adoption.

The strategic committee with whom all aspects related to unbundling are (pre)discussed. Edo van den Assem (voorzitter), Henk Dijkgraaf en Marco Keim are members of this committee.

Eneco - Ir. E.H.M. van den Assem

Ir. E.H.M. (Edo) van den Assem (1949)  Résumé details

Eneco - Ir. H.G. Dijkgraaf

Ir. H.G. (Henk) Dijkgraaf (1946)  Résumé details

Eneco - Drs. M. Sijmons

Drs. M. (Mirjam) Sijmons (1960)  Résumé details

Eneco - Ir. Marike van Lier Lels

Ir. M. (Marike) van Lier Lels (1959)  Résumé details

Eneco afbeelding - Marco Keim

Mr. Drs. M.B.A. (Marco) Keim RA (1962)  Résumé details

Drs. R. (Rob) Zandbergen (1958)  Résumé details

mr. drs. A. (Atzo) Nicolaï (1960)  Résumé details

Eneco image - Olga Kolenburg

O. (Olga) Kolenburg MCC (1966)
Secretary of the Company / Vice President Administrative Affairs

Eneco image - Merel van Delft-van Thiel

Mr. M.E.M. (Merel) van Delft-van Thiel (1976)
Advisor Administrative Affairs & Governance / Lawyer

Articles of association

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Corporate Governance

Eneco complies with the rules of good management, as expressed in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Corporate governance is concerned with the relationships between the Board of Management, the Supervisory Board and the General Shareholders’ Meeting. Some provisions of the code are not applicable to Eneco, because we are not listed on the stock exchange and our activities are partly private and partly regulated.

Eneco Code of Conduct

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