Changes in the energy sector are taking place more rapidly than many people think. The current number of 200,000 households that generate their own energy by means of solar panels increases by several hundred each day. At the same time, a fast growing number of Dutch citizens use electricity instead of gas or petrol for cooking, showering and driving. Rapid technological developments enhance the opportunities for realisation of our mission: sustainable energy for everyone. Eneco is picking up the pace to take advantage of these opportunities and to accelerate the energy transition, with technology and innovation as the main driving forces.

Innovation is a central aspect within the Eneco organisation. The aim is to assess and, where possible, field-test the many excellent and innovative ideas that are contributed from within and outside Eneco Group and, ultimately, introduce them on the market. The following four focal areas have been specified:

Smart Home

Smart solutions and services that provide better understanding, comfort and ease of use in the personal living environment

Smart solutions for sustainable mobility

Solar & Storage

Products and services related to solar energy and storage

Smart outdoor

Smart solutions that enhance sustainability in public spaces in urban areas


Eneco currently invests in the following companies

Responsible for the development of Toon, the smart thermostat that provides consumers better understanding of and helps them to reduce their energy consumption

Offers smart and sustainable solutions that provide municipalities and provinces more control over street lighting

Responsible for the development of e-Radiator, the concept of using computer servers for heating homes

Develops services that link the business processes of large corporate energy consumers to the current energy supply

Sustainable and completely self-sufficient container homes

Provides full service for consumers who are interested in solar panels, ranging from advice and installation to providing production and consumption details



Start-ups and potential partner companies can contact Eneco by sending an email to Or you can contact one of the team members of Eneco Innovation & Ventures.

Hans Valk

Managing director Innovation & Ventures

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Michel Muurmans

Smart Home

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Yvonne Neef

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Elmer de Boer


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Joeri Kamp

Innovation & IT
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Angelique Kruif

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Dirk Jan Middelkoop

Business Development
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Fonger Ypma

Strategy & portfolio
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