'We feel the transition to sustainable energy can’t come quickly enough'

Jeroen de Haas, CEO Eneco

Imagine everyone having sustainable energy at their disposal. Generated at home, by you, together with the rest of the street or neighbourhood. Solar panels on the roofs of all businesses. Wind turbines, bio-energy or heat pipelines for industry. Everyone is an energy producer and shares energy with their neighbours, businesses or with the whole neighbourhood. We no longer see ourselves as a traditional energy supplier, but as a partner who, together with you, makes it possible to save, use, exchange or sell energy. And this is not an unrealistic vision. We know it’s possible, and each day we’re working on projects aimed at realising our ambitions and those of our customers.

Every customer is an individual

‘Our mission is aimed at providing everyone with energy from 100% renewable sources. Yet at the same time we realise that every customer is an individual. Some people deem sustainability important, others attach greater value to a low energy bill. We therefore seek connection with our customers and helping people and businesses save energy and thus costs. After all, energy that‘s yet to be generated is the most sustainable of all. Some want to generate their own energy. That’s only possible if you work together. In the future, we’ll no longer be talking about consumers of energy, as we’ll be consumers and producers, regardless of whether we’re a private customer, a group of customers or a business. We’re continuously working on increasing confidence in society, so we all believe that it is possible.’

Eneco opts for 100% sustainable and does so in an involved, clear and powerful manner. That’s embedded in our mission 'Sustainable energy for all'. Each day, we supply everyone with energy generated from 100% renewable sources. Of all major energy suppliers, Eneco’s investment policy is the greenest.

Making savings

‘It all starts with saving, ’Jeroen continues. ‘It turns out that families and businesses that generate their own energy locally end up being more conscious of their energy consumption in practice. Large companies, too, benefit from insight into their energy consumption. It always turns out it is possible to save more than was initially expected. For example, we help housing corporations and managers of office buildings save, so that their customers can derive maximum benefit. And growers often struggle with generating, purchasing and selling energy. It used to be that horticultural producers could enjoy rooting around in the soil. Nowadays, in addition to growing tomatoes and peppers, they also have to be highly skilled energy managers.’ Whatever you are trying to achieve, as your partner and advisor we contribute ideas about (local) energy solutions enabling you to save energy, generate sustainable energy yourself, or consume energy in a sustainable way.

Eneco is responsible for the heating and cooling installation at First, a prestigious office building at Weena in Rotterdam. This installation makes use of temperatures deep below the ground. Without this installation, we would never have been awarded the BREEAM certificate of excellence – the number-one hallmark of sustainability.

Jan van ’t Hoff, project developer at MAB Development

How we see the future

Sustainable energy for everyone is possible. Together we can realise the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply, in which all energy originates from natural resources such as wind and sun.