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Eneco as energy partner

You want to make savings or you can see opportunities to generate energy yourself. Together we assess your needs. The relationship with customers is becoming increasingly personal. For example, we act as consultants, installers or re-distributors of energy. We also promote innovations and new developments. You can participate in many different ways and we welcome own initiatives.

We’re members of DE Unie

Picture - We’re members of DE Unie, a special alliance

A special alliance  

We’re the first energy company in the Netherlands to join DE Unie. DE Unie has more than 20 local sustainable energy cooperatives as members. We believe that we can make the transfer to sustainable energy quicker through their membership.

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Setting up a cooperative

Many stakeholders have decided to generate energy themselves and have joined forces in a cooperative. They see the advantages of being independent, sharing investments and ultimately the savings on energy bills. But how do you set up a cooperative? It is easier than you think.

  • How to set up a cooperative – in a nutshell.

    • Find out what the conditions are.
    • Recruit supporters and other parties to promote the idea.
    • Write a business case and an action plan.
    • Establish a cooperative, appoint its directors and set up a membership administration.
    • Look for a suitable roof and examine the technical feasibility and costs of the solar station.
    • Canvass in your street, neighbourhood or region for participants.
    • Buy the solar panels and look for a partner to install, manage and maintain the system.
    • Seek a partner for the administration of income from the solar station and taxes on the energy bill and the purchase of power from the solar station.

Tips from the experts

Independence will become crucial

Lex Mellink - Eemstroom 

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Fortunately, we have a lot of knowledge in the neighbourhood

Paul Schlotter, ZonneVogel, The Hague

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A cooperative serves your interests

Paul Stolte - Lochemenergie 

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Why reinvent the wheel?

Rob Smits, Caballero Factory, The Hague

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The "postcoderoos"

Solar GreenPoint and Eneco have installed 200 solar panels on the roof of the municipal swimming pool in Woerden. This solar farm is the first example of local energy production via what is called the “postcoderoos” (postcode area). The panels are owned by the residents from the same postcode as the swimming pool. Eneco calculates the annual offset of the power generated and the discount on Energy Tax.

Investing in this solar farm is fiscally attractive. In addition, it means making a contribution to a sustainable future.

Diny van Wijnmalen from Postcoderoos Woerden

The Solar GreenPoint Batensteinbad solar farm has been the first groundbreaking initiative in which the local council has opened up the field to a residents' collective. We have many roofs which are suitable for solar panels, and we are hoping others will follow this example.

Bob Duindam, Alderman for Environment and Sustainability, from Woerden

LochemEnergie cooperative opts for Solar

We felt there was a lot of talk about sustainability and generating power yourself. But what if we, the residents of Lochem, were to put these words into action together? We are not a glorified purchasing club, we just wanted to get involved. Members can generate electricity themselves with solar panels, or opt for a plan where they can purchase the electricity generated by other members.

Paul Stolte, LochemEnergie cooperative

Business solutions

Are you a low-volume business user? If so, we have some handy saving tips for you too. Or are you looking for information on making savings for a major company or organisation, come and have a look at our website for large-volume business users.

Waterweg Wonen least sustainable

We could see a lot of advantages in the collaboration with Eneco. Our corporate strategy is that we want to be a green corporation. Our tenants take advantage of something which is normally only available to home owners. Eneco does the investment for us. We repay this through the costs savings that we generate by the installation of solar panels, smart meters and other savings measures.

Wilfred Gerritse, Waterweg Wonen