What do we do ourselves

One planet

Sustainable use of Planet Earth

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Together we consume one and a half times Earth every year. That's stated in the Living Planet Report by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It’s our ambition to bring the energy consumption of ourselves and that of our customers within the limits of a liveable planet. Not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. In order to achieve that, we’re seeking collaboration with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

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Together with our environment


Give a little, take a little. In order to create maximum collaboration, we give something in return to the community in areas where we develop energy projects. For example, the formation of a fund. Together we can make the living environment a better place through local, sustainable initiatives.

How sustainable is Eneco?

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Sustainability starts from within us

This applies to everything we do: our premises, our transportation and overall operations. All figures are listed and recorded.

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Chain footprint

We use our chain footprint to monitor our impact on climate change. The chain footprint is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Scope 3) Directive, conforms to ISO 14064 and serves as a source for One Planet Thinking.

How does Eneco interpret ‘sustainable’

In recent years, concepts such as sustainability and sustainable development have become catch-all terms. The many different quality marks and claims put on products by vendors do not always represent the meaning users attach to it themselves. We’re aware of this and therefore make it clear how we interpret the term 'sustainable' and what we mean by a sustainable energy supply.

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When is it good enough?

Eneco, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Ecofys together are developing a new scientific open-source methodology that allows companies to aim for sustainability. It’s an instrument to determine whether the efforts made are sufficient to operate within the limits of the planet.

One Planet Thinking

The World Wide Fund for Nature has been our partner since 2010. Eneco was the first company in the Netherlands and the first energy company in the world awarded the ‘Climate Saver’ recognition.

Climate Savers