Where does our energy come from?


How wonderful that we all have access to sustainable energy – for Eneco, it is the only option. One way we aim to achieve our mission is to build wind parks, especially considering that wind energy is currently the cheapest energy source

We do not build wind parks alone, but include local residents and businesses in the development, construction and management at an early stage. Good relationships with our neighbours builds mutual trust and helps us achieve better results.

We flesh out the project together, discuss improvement areas and keep each other informed. We also inquire whether they are interested in participating in the project, which can range from financial participation to purchasing energy from the project.


Interest in and demand for heat has never been greater, not only within Eneco but also beyond. Moreover, the cabinet has communicated a clear message with its vision on heat, the warmtevisie. The time to act is now.

Say no to coal and nuclear energy

Like us, you want affordable energy, now and in the future. Not only are fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas polluting, they are slowly becoming depleted and the more this happens, the more expensive they become. For a long time, we believed that nuclear power was the solution, but processing and storing radioactive waste is a major problem. This is why we are investing in alternative energy sources now rather than later.

Eneco has no coal-fired power stations and we say ‘no’ to coal energy. We would rather invest in energy savings, wind and solar projects, or energy from biomass. Wind and sun will never run out and are ‘free’. In the Netherlands, however, we still do not have enough capacity to provide everyone with clean energy. Until such time we will use efficient and relatively clean gas-fired power stations to be able to guarantee energy supply to our customers.


Biomass is a form of renewable energy that entails a certain level of risk. To eliminate this risk, we are working towards a certified chain with a Better Biomass certificate. Although CO2 is emitted when burning wood, this wood will have sequestered carbon from the atmosphere at an earlier stage. This is why we refer to this as short-cycle CO2 emissions.