Eneco afbeelding - Samen duurzaam opwekkken

Sustainable energy for everyone

In the not too distant future, generating your own sustainable energy will be a common phenomenon, because the technological developments are advancing rapidly. Our customers will become joint owners of wind parks, or generate sustainable energy for their own use and sell on the surplus for use by others.

Profitable solutions

To this end, together with its partners, Eneco develops profitable, tailor-made solutions such as solar panels, (micro) wind turbines, bio-installations and heat pumps. Not just clean, but also efficient, because there are hardly any transport losses: the energy is generated where it is used.

With the combined expertise of our core companies Eneco, Joulz and Stedin we can facilitate all aspects of these projects, from advice, permits, installation and network adaptations to maintenance, management and, if necessary, joint financing.