Eneco afbeelding - Duurzaam innovatie

Developing new energy technologies

Innovation is key to sustainable energy, because the new technologies make sustainable energy easier to generate, and cheaper. That is why together with partners such as KEMA, TNO and a number of universities we are researching the potential of new energy technologies. This does not only concern large-scale sustainable energy projects such as wind parks at sea, but also electric vehicles and decentralised sustainable energy generation: sustainable energy that is generated locally by customers for their own use or for use by others.

Eneco is a partner in ACRRES – the Application Centre for Renewable Resources of Wageningen University – in the Dutch city of Lelystad, where new energy technologies can be tested in practice. Together with ACRRES, among other projects, Eneco has built a WindLab for testing new wind turbines, and developed the biofermentation facilities with which the Bosbad swimming pool in Putten can be heated with energy from cow manure.

Innovation at home

Eneco also develops new sustainable solutions for the home, such as Toon and the high-efficiency e-boiler. This boiler, or micro-cogeneration unit, generates both electricity and heat, and has been extensively tested in the ‘Sustainable Ameland’ project. Another part of this project involved adding hydrogen to the gas network. By using a mixture of hydrogen and gas for cooking and heating, major energy savings can be made. Another promising technology applied by Eneco is geothermal energy, with which 4,000 households in the southwestern part of The Hague save five thousand tons of CO2 every year. Together with TNO we are working on the market launch of electric vehicles, and we are investing in Eneco NRGSPOTS; recharging stations for electric cars and bicycles.

Working on sustainable projects

Eneco is committed to making energy increasingly sustainable. We do this by helping our customers save energy, generate energy locally and purchase energy sustainably. In this way we ensure that energy will remain affordable and available in the future, and we make a essential contribution to the environment.