Together with our 2.1 million customers and many other partners, Eneco works on ‘sustainable energy for everyone’. So there will always be reliable and clean energy, now and in the future. Our goal is a fully sustainable energy supply, in which all energy is generated from natural sources such as wind, sun and water.

Eneco Group

For over a century we have provided energy for our customers’ work, homes and lives. And we want to offer that same continuity to future generations.

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Sustainable operations

Our business operations have been climate neutral since 2008. This means that we optimise the reduction of our CO2 emissions and compensate for areas where savings cannot yet be optimised.

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Our profile

Connection with everyone in society is the main driving force behind Eneco. It means we feel called upon to ensure that energy remains available and affordable for everyone.

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Eneco’s roots go back to the middle of the nineteenth century. The company we now know as Eneco had a history of joint ventures and mergers before emerging in its current form in 1995.

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The Eneco Group, or Eneco Holding N.V. as it is officially known, is made up of the three complementary core companies Eneco (the Energy company), Joulz (the infrastructure expert) and Stedin (the network manager).

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The shares of Eneco are held by 55 Dutch municipalities.

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Sustainable purchasing

Eneco requests all its new suppliers in the Netherlands to sign a Code of Conduct in connection with sustainability and corporate social responsibility and asks larger suppliers (10,000 euro and up) to take a Sustainability Test.

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