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Climate saver

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Our business is one of the cleanest energy companies in Northwestern Europe, and the first energy company in the world to be declared a Climate Saver by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

For over a century we have provided energy for our customers’ work, homes and lives. And we want to offer that same continuity to future generations. That is why we have explicitly chosen a mission of sustainability.

Sustainable energy for everyone

With the combined expertise of our companies Eneco, Joulz, Stedin and Ecofys we can offer all the experience in sustainable energy you need:

  • Sustainable energy generation, trade, transmission and supply.
  • Developing and advising on local and national energy solutions.
  • Practical solutions enabling customers to save, buy and even generate their own sustainable energy.

That is why we work towards sustainable energy for everyone: clean, affordable and available for our customers now and their children and grandchildren in the future.

Eneco is an international sustainable energy company, with operations in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and Belgium. The Eneco Group headquarters are located in Rotterdam.


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Eneco, with 3,500 employees, supplies the daily energy needs of 2.1 million companies and households. Alongside energy production, purchasing, trade and supply, the energy company Eneco also provides our customers with service and advice.


The energy we supply is becoming more and more sustainable, because together with customers, companies, government agencies, shareholders, investors – in short, together with everyone – we work towards the increased sustainability of the energy supply. With practical, tailor-made solutions, we help our customers to save, buy and even generate their own sustainable energy.

To be able to offer sustainable energy to more and more customers, we are greatly expanding our sustainable production capacity. We are therefore investing, both independently and together with our partners, in wind parks on land and sea, bio, solar and hydro energy in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Always energy

At the times when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow, we supply energy that has been generated using gas: the cleanest fossil fuel. This gas comes from our own wells, or is bought in at favourable times and kept in our own storage facilities until it is needed. In this way we ensure that our customers can always count on the most sustainable form of energy at a stable price.


Stedin provides safe and reliable energy transport.

Network manager Stedin, with 430 employees, provides for the laying, maintenance, management and expansion of the energy networks, in partnership with Joulz and others.

Stedin facilitates sustainable energy by laying networks, and adapting them to enable the resupply of sustainable energy generated by customers. The registration of energy provided to customers by the various suppliers – or by customers to the suppliers – on the basis of meter readings is also carried out by Stedin, and the company also arranges the necessary changes when customers move house, switch suppliers or cancel their contracts.


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Joulz has worked on the energy infrastructure for over 50 years, and offers a complete package: from advice, design and engineering to the laying and maintenance of electricity and gas networks.

Joulz’s 2,300 employees work on commission from Stedin and other customers in the government, industry, horticulture and property sectors. Joulz’s fields of work are energy distribution, energy transport, public lighting and sustainable solutions. And it is Joulz that stands ready to repair breakdowns as quickly as possible, day and night.


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Ecofys is a leading consultancy company in the fields of sustainable energy, energy saving and CO2 efficiency, energy systems and markets and energy and climate policy.

For Ecofys, knowledge and innovation are the key factors in transforming the ideas of today into the practicable reality of tomorrow. They help organisations in the public sector and the business community to adapt to change and quickly recognise market opportunities.

Together with its customers, Ecofys takes the necessary measures to ensure that commercial projects are implemented in the most practical and sustainable way possible. 



The Netherlands

Eneco supplies energy – gas, electricity, heating and cooling – to over two million private and business customers in the Netherlands. We strive to make as much of this energy as possible sustainable. We produce energy and, in partnership with customers and interest groups, we develop sustainable solar, wind, bio, geothermal and green gas energy projects.


Belgium is the second country where Eneco operates as an energy supplier on the retail market (since 2011) and on the business market (since 2008). Eneco also constructs and maintains wind turbine parks and solar and bio energy projects in Belgium.


Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, so to offer our customers the best possible service, in partnership with Eneco Gasspeicher, we have constructed our own gas storage facility just over the border in Epe, Germany. It has a storage capacity of 100 million cubic metres of gas in two underground salt caverns.


In the UK, Eneco maintains wind parks that are already in production and develops new ones.


In France, Eneco operates a 0.6 megawatt hydroelectric power station, as well as being involved in a range of solar energy projects.


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