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Connection with everyone in society is the main driving force behind Eneco. It means we feel called upon to ensure that energy remains available and affordable for everyone. It defines the way in which we aim to make ‘sustainable energy for everyone’ a reality, together with our customers, companies, partners, NGOs, municipalities and government agencies. In short, together with everyone.

Strong foundation

Eneco is able to follow a fully sustainable strategy because:

  • Our shares are held by 55 Dutch municipalities.
  • We have a strong foundation of loyal customers.
  • We have committed, skilled employees.

Eneco says an emphatic No to investment in coal and nuclear energy, and is fully committed to electricity and heating from renewable sources such as wind on land and sea, bio, solar, hydro and geothermal energy.

We choose for proven technologies, and measure each activity in advance against the yardstick of profitability, so we can offer confidence to our investors and partners and continuity to our customers. We also ensure that the energy supply continues as normal if the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow. Until the time that sufficient sustainable energy is available, we then make use of gas - the most sustainable fossil fuel - that we buy in at times when the price is favourable and store in our own storage facilities so we can offer stable prices.

All for sustainability.


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