All for sustainability

Eneco afbeelding - Samenwerkingen

Eneco’s connection with everyone in society is our main driving force. It means we feel called upon to ensure that energy remains available and affordable for everyone. It defines the way in which we aim to make ‘sustainable energy for everyone’ a reality, together:

  • With our customers
  • With businesses, project developers and housing corporations
  • With our partners
  • With NGOs
  • With municipalities and government agencies.

Together with everyone. Together with our customers and other partners we develop the products and services that enable our customers to save, buy and even generate their own sustainable energy. Together we work on wind parks on land and sea and many other projects to expand the sustainable energy production capacity in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France and Germany.
Together with our external and internal partners we research the possibilities of improving sustainable technologies still further. Because it is precisely because of the close partnership between the Eneco Group companies that we are able to offer sustainable and comprehensive solutions.

Eneco is a member of the Groene Zaak and the European Federation for Living, and is a partner of the World Wildlife Fund.

World Wildlife Fund

Eneco image - WWF 

Eneco and the World Wildlife Fund are partners

Eneco and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are to work together, and have a mission partnership. In 2010, Eneco became the first and only energy company in the world to be declared a Climate Saver. As a member of the international Climate Savers Programme we have set ambitious targets for CO2 reductions and the increased sustainability of our business operations.

But our partnership with the WWF goes further than the Climate Savers programme. For example, we support the WWF’s Borneo Project, which is aimed at the protection of the orang-utan, and together with the WWF we are developing a concept for the city of the future. This will lead to a pilot scheme in which a neighbourhood or town will be selected to be made as sustainable as possible.


All for sustainability