CrowdNett: Turn your home into a power plant

Sustainable backup for the national grid

The supply and demand of power on the electricity grid must be in balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wind and solar energy is growing at a whirlwind pace and this is making it more challenging than ever to absorb peaks and troughs. After all, some days there isn’t enough wind and other days are much sunnier than expected.

Eneco has found a smart solution: CrowdNett. It enables a flexible approach to the supply and demand of sustainable energy. CrowdNett is a network of batteries that can charge or discharge at any desired time. This means together they form the reserve capacity for the national power grid and make it possible to maintain a good balance. So it’s actually a ‘virtual power plant’.

Hannah is one of the first people to be connected to Eneco CrowdNett. She and other home battery owners have a dual role as both users and suppliers. They also get two rewards: payment for the energy they generate and knowing they’re helping to make our energy supply even more sustainable. This all combines to create one of the world’s best and most sustainable business cases for home batteries.

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Old World versus New World

CrowdNett is a network of home batteries that can be charged or discharged remotely. This network enables network managers, such as TenneT, to access reserve capacity in order to keep the electricity network in balance. Eneco is responsible for ensuring a streamlined process.

Added advantage
The home batteries in CrowdNett’s network must always have an available continuous output. This output is a constant frequency of 50Hz. If the electricity grid dips below 50 Hz, the Powerwall starts supplying capacity. If the electricity grid rises above 50Hz, the Powerwall stores the energy. This is a big added advantage because, unlike coal-fired plants that need time to scale up or scale down, home batteries react immediately.

Joining forces for sustainable energy

CrowdNett has been made possible in part by Tesla, SolarEdge and the Swiss company Ampard. The latter two companies made the technical modifications to the converters and the hardware and software used to operate the battery remotely. Ampard already succeeded last year in utilising a network of home batteries to provide reserve capacity to a Swiss network manager.

The reserve capacity will soon be offered in the Netherlands to national network  manager TenneT. It is responsible for keeping the electricity network in balance. It has until now purchased its capacity from coal-fired and gas-fuelled plants. But TenneT is looking for sustainable and flexible alternatives. Through  CrowdNett we offer a smart and effective alternative.

New earning models 

The collaboration with Tesla, SolarEdge and Ampard marks a milestone in the transition to the new world. Eneco CEO Jeroen de Haas explains: ‘The energy system is in a state of change. Eneco is developing new earning models. CrowdNett is an inspiring example of this development. You could say it’s the internet of decentralised energy.’

A powerhouse of intelligence

Trendwatcher Vincent Evers: ‘The Tesla Powerwall is a powerhouse of intelligence. Used in combination with CrowdNett, it will make my home super efficient. I’ve now actually got two days’ worth of energy right on my wall.’