One small heat pump next to your central heating
boiler, a giant leap toward independence.

How does the Eneco HeatWinner® work?

Extracting heat from the air

The HeatWinner extracts heat from the air in your home and puts it back into the heating system through the central heating boiler. This is enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home on average days. If it gets too cold outside, the boiler switches on to supplement the HeatWinner. Only then does your system start using gas to heat your home. What’s more, Eneco’s smart thermostat Toon®, shows exactly how much you are saving on gas consumption.

Compact Dutch design

The HeatWinner is a smart heat pump used in compact housing. Its small dimensions are precisely what makes the heat pump suitable for in-home use. If you have L50 x W50 x H57 cm of free space next to your central heating boiler, we can have everything up and running within hours. The HeatWinner was developed and produced in the Netherlands.

Operates with mechanical ventilation

If you have mechanical ventilation in your home, the HeatWinner wil get the best return on your investment because the HeatWinner replaces your ventilation box. Also, your ventilation box usually discharges hot air instead of recycling the heat, but the HeatWinner uses the same heat to supplement your central heating boiler.


  • Dimensions: L50 x B50 x H57 cm
  • Works with any type of central heating boiler in the Netherlands
  • Can be installed next to the central heating boiler with no hacking or breaking required
  • Life expectancy of 15 years
  • Currently being tested by over a hundred pioneers in the Netherlands

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