The bicycle is the most sustainable and most popular means of transport in the Netherlands. Cycling is healthy and accessible for all. Furthermore, more than 50% of Dutchmen and Belgians cycle and/or are interested in cycling. No surprise then that we’ve been associating our brand name to cycling for over a decade, ranging from professional to recreational, through our sponsorship. To us sponsorship is a sympathetic way to get in touch with people via their hobby or interest.

We support unique experiences, such as the Eneco Tour and the Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship, the Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU) and classic cycling races such as the Jan Janssen Classic, the Henk Lubberding Classic and the Koos Moerenhout Classic. For recreational cyclists we developed a cycle route planner in conjunction with the Dutch Cyclists Association and organise and maintain the Eneco Veluwe route of over 265 kilometres. This way we establish a bond with cycling fans.

Eneco Tour

Activities in the Eneco Tour

Everyone is most welcome to join us during the tour which is held in August. We’ll organise numerous activities. People on their racing bikes can compare their pedal energy with that of an athlete sprinter or with energy sources such as a solar panel and wind turbine.

Each day, we’ll organise the KidsRide during which they, led by Leontien Zijlaard Van Moorsel, can ride the last kilometres of the final course. Team time trials are held throughout the Netherlands for the recreational cyclists among us. The finals of the official time trial course are held during the Eneco Tour. In Belgium, amateur riders will be doing the uphill time trial on the legendary Muur van Geraardsbergen (steep narrow road with cobblestones).

Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship

If strong winds are predicted, make sure you’re there at the Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship. In this new initiative, over 200 competitors will be putting up heroic fights against the wind, on authentic Dutch bicycles with back-pedal brakes. The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship is made a real battle thanks to the contribution of Eneco HollandseWind®.


Review of a leg-killing edition of this heroic race across the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier. Making your way against the wind on the bicycle is a typical Dutch phenomenon, but only the true die-hards will take on this battle with minimum wind-force 7 right in their faces, set in this beautiful and symbolic battle scene. This race separates the boys from the men!